Internet: When you become the lovers of your boss

This year, my Internet mail address will have its 10th anniversary. That means I am an old web surfer. Ten years on Internet got me the privilege to see the early origin of the information era and the beginings were excinting.

It was the will of a Geek god that I met the web for the first time. My boyfriend introduced me to his other girlfriend: the computer. Since thata moment, I began a love-hate relationship with the tecnology that has never stopped. It was inevitable.

Venezuela in the nineties era took the Internet like a expensive toy, like a written walky-talking for a child. I had to handle this situation: a privileged but dumb tool was my boss. And you know when you are 19 years old, you think that your boss is a asshole.

They used to abuse my eyes, to squeeze my mind, to crush my hands. To work in Internet has many disavantages, even today.

A lot of water has passed over the dam, and I am living in United States. My voice trembles the bloggosphere with my poems and my essays. Now, the Internet has become for me a way to live bound with thousands and even millions of people that -maybe- have the same dreams as me. Only in a ciberspace. But the pen is migthier than the sword, even if it virtual.


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