Socialismo a punta de billete (I)

“(…) If three people go around together in Poland, you don’t think anything of it. But in the _____, three people ca be a party.
Our first conversation. They introduced themselves: ‘Socialist from ____.’
Nice to meet you.
After a few pleasantries one of them came right out with it: ‘We need money.’
‘What for? asked Jarda Bouncek, my Czech friend.
‘We want socialist to triumph in ________. And for that, we must buy off the leaders of our province.’
(…) For them, the masses were not so important. Had we ever seen the millions marching here? The millions are passive, directionless, diffuse. All the action takes places among the leaders. Five hundred names, maximum. And it’s exactly those names that you have to buy. (…) And the ones who put up the money determine the kind of government it will be.”

(p. 57, The Soccer War, Kapuscinski)

P.D.: me tomé la atribución de borrar las palabras para darle la libertad de colocar sus propias locaciones.

Mañana les prometo que coloco la traducción 🙂

(Dibujo de Ytaelena López)


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