The selfish pleasure

The Golden Cage (VI)

Pastel on paper by Ytaelena Lopez

Have you ever masturbated? The question filled her with shame and horror. Never, but never had she thought about touching “intentionally” her intimate parts. It was simply unacceptable for her… so far.
Until her new lover, a languid musician with experience in the art of love under cannabis fumes, asked her to fondle herself while he put on a condom.
“Go crazy, baby” said the artist, leaving unfinished the artwork that he began in her clitoris. Eloisa, with legs open and muff hungry, had not learned anything more from simple in-and-out since she was 16 years old.
So after that episode, she got to work. The first thing she did was to get a bikini wax in “Brazilian” style. With a bald pubis, she understood why so many Venezuelan girls like cheap tight blue jeans. The pleasure derived from the friction of the rough and badly-stitched fabric put her pink slit to the boil.
Look at her walk now! Eloisa seemed a model of an old Didijin commercial (a cheap blue jean brand) walking to the beat of Guaco (a salsa music group).
However, the contouring only aroused her hunger, poorly satisfied by an indifferent husband. So Eloisa tried another trick: sit naked on top of the jumping dryer. What disappointment! The only things she got out of her adventure, copied from a Howard Stern show, was a huge electricity bill and a little jolt of pleasure.
One day, while she was in a snobby bookstore, she saw an erotic book sale. Eloisa bought a few, but not many, to avoid her husband discovering her “pendejada” (nonsense). There was a really very beautiful, delicate book full of illustrations and Anais Ninn and Henry Miller quotes, among other writers.
One narrated the exquisite pain generated for the action to walk with a “Rosario” (string of round balls used for to pray) trapped in the ass. In another, the gentleman lamented that his lady would prefer to lose her virginity with a banana. It even had an illustration of a small dog (Toy Poodle) giving “loving” kisses to the secret “lips” of her beautiful owner.
The rosary seemed sacrilegious, the dog foul and banana painful, but Eloisa bought a cucumber that look perfect for such purposes. So, she was armed with courage and…

Pastel on paper by Ytaelena López

(To be continued)

Ilustration and text by Ytaelena López


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