Creepy tales in 500cc

<b>The Golden Cage VII</b>

1 – Tatatata!

They seemed like some kind of anti-stress balls, but translucent. Eloisa
squeezed it over and over again, as if playing with arepa dough, but a congealed
lump kept slipping through her fingers.
— “These could be your new boobs,” said the smiling plastic surgeon.
— “Will it be these ones?” replied Eloisa.
— “Well, THESE ones, no. They are contaminated. I will buy your
mammary implants in the pharmacy when I receive half of the cash”, added
the doctor.
— “Jorgue But, I do not have that much money.”
— “Don’t worry, I will give you credit.”

2 – Ñaca, ñaca! *

“! Eloisa, look!” But the patient preferred to see the wall. She had enough
to pay attention to: the pain of hundreds needles of the local anesthesia and
her nakedness on a cold metal stretcher.
Worse was the sight of was Jorge. His eyes betrayed an insane pleasure, as savage as
the blood that splashed on his surgical gown. “So much blood … is it al
mine?”. While Eloisa questioned her decision, his scalpel opened a pocket in
her chest.

“It’s almost finished,” said the surgeon while withdrawing the small curtain
which had concealed his work. Eloísa could not resist the scene
revealed: a bloodied silicon ball was trying to escape
her chest. Jorge pushed forcefully on the prothesis to trap it and
quickly sewed the Eloisa’ skin. Eloísa almost stamped her foot, but a
nurse, stronger than a bouncer, held her down.
Jorge’s nasty stolen kiss and and leg grope at the border of depravity
completed the transformation of Eloísa into a new woman.

3 – The advice:

— If you want to be beautiful, you must see the stars (of the pain)
— Really?

4 – Boing, Boing!

(The opinion of the Eloisa’ brother about the boobies, in the middle of a fight.)

Before we get some new boobies, consider this:

– Back pain from the load of a plastic bag bouncing in every jump.
– The pain of each nipple pinch from an excited lover.
– The pain to see yourself in the mirror with your favorite teen clothes, and
look like a whore in a porn movie.

And to finish it off, the aura of “she-must-have-a-peanut-in-the-head” that you
will project around you.

To accompany my thoughts, a song very in tune with the theme:

“Tite died
We must bury
We must bury
When burying Tite?
Tite will be buried -in you- today! ”

(“Tite se murió
hay que enterrarlo
hay que enterrarlo
¿Cuándo entierran a Tite?
¡A Tite lo entierran hoy!”)

Now, with new boobs, you can lift a “daddy” as the video, so that they fill
your bucket of milk.


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